Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Fish

This piece was done many years ago and was shown at one the SCQuilt Guild shows. It is a Mola piece and is taken from a picture I took in Penang, Malaysia. It was on a wall in a house and the painting depicted two old (wise) men holding a fabric with the fish on it.
I liked the feel of the Ying and Yang (?) concept. Although working in balck and white was not that easy on the eyes..


  1. That is a beautiful piece but I can see that it would be hard to work on! Even enlarging it I can't quite figure out how you did it. But I love it....being a lover of all things black and white! Very interesting and I especially love the way you have framed it. When where you in Malaysia?

  2. i'm assuming that you duplicated the original's value scale? that seems to make it very hard on the eyes for working, i'd think...