Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Now!

I took to making these 3-D geodes for Christmas tree ornaments to sell at the Point Roberts Christmas Craft Faire.  I made a few; then a few more; and suddenly there are over a hundred of them, getting more glittery and fancy each step of the way.  I read today about a Chinese artist who has made 100 million porcelain, hand-painted sunflower seeds (currently on exhibit at the Tate Modern; see here).  I don't think I'm going that far, but I don't know.  They're pretty fun, they're pretty cute.  Although these are just 3-D versions of the geodes I've been making for years, credit to pointing the way to the last issue of Quilting Arts.  I make them somewhat differently, but they end up looking the same, I'd guess.  They're about 2.5 inches in diameter.  Now, what do you sell something like this for?  (I have to put little hanging strings on them all, also.)

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